Tako (octopus in Japanese) is a table lamp inspired by the Spanish cuisine. The two bases remind the wooden plates where the “pulpo a la gallega” is served, while its shape and the elastic band evoke a bento, the traditional Japanese lunch box. Its parts are assembled without screws, making it easy to put together. Being packed in pieces also reduces packaging and storing costs. The joint of the flexible polypropylene lampshade is hidden behind the elastic band. Holes drilled on the base and top pieces allow the necessary airflow to avoid overheating. Wiring, elastic band and lampshade all sit into groves made on the wooden pieces.


Tako Lamp, designed by Maurizio Capannesi, has been awarded with a Golden A' Design Award 2013 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design and listed in the Trend Bible Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2017.


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